Outdoor Track & Field – Week 2

Team Fee/My Team Shop
The Team Fee for Outdoor Track & Field is $150, and this is done through the My Team Shop (link). For $150 + tax & shipping, student-athletes receive 3 pieces of spirit wear and proceeds from sales go directly to the team to pay for equipment, uniform replacement, meet entry fees, etc.
The Shop is open until March 29th, 2018 but we ask that everyone gets this done ASAP.

This Week’s Practice Schedule
A reminder that we are officially in-season, all practices are mandatory including Saturdays.  If there is a legitimate scheduling conflict (Illness, Medical, Bereavement, etc.) please let me know asap.
Monday  3.19.2018          3:15pm~5:15pm Skyline Indoor Track
Tuesday  3.20.2018          3:15pm~5:15pm Skyline Indoor Track
Wednesday  3.21.2018     3:15pm~5:15pm Skyline Indoor Track
Thursday  3.22.2018        3:15pm~5:15pm Skyline Indoor Track
Friday  3.23.2018             3:15pm~5:15pm Skyline Indoor Track
Saturday  3.24.2018         10:00am~12:00noon Skyline Indoor Track

Spring Break Practices
Practices over Spring Break will be from 10:00 am ~ 12:00 noon Monday 3.26.2018  through Saturday 3.31.2018 at Skyline High School

Weather/Attire Reminder
Please make sure that you are bringing appropriate clothes to practice outside. Below is the expected weather for the upcoming week, but as you know, we live in the midwest where it can change at a moment’s notice. Make sure you are bringing layers, hats, gloves and obviously your running shoes.