Uniform Turn-in, Awards Night, and a big Thank You !

As we wrap up the school year and the season, now that Awards Night has come and gone, I wanted to touch base on a few things before everyone heads out for the summer.

First and foremost, a humongous “THANK YOU” to all the athletes, families and friends of our running programs. Without everyone’s support and commitment this program is a mere shell of itself and the close relationships between the kids and families shows that we are in an incredibly healthy place.

Those of you who were not able to attend Awards Night, please contact me about picking up your packets.

There are many of you fellas who still have to turn in your uniform! Please contact me about returning everything (washed and clean) and I will also be sending out reminders via email.

Lastly, best of luck with Finals and hope you have a great summer!

– Coach Takashi Gould