Jack & Jill + Balawajder Co-ed Relays Meet Recap & Results

A busy but very fun weekend it was!  The team was split up to compete at two meets, the Jack & Jill Co-Ed Relays held at Durand High School and the Balawajder Classic at Milford High School. Both groups saw great competition as the J&J group finished 4th overall (!) and the Balawajder group after navigating through some unexpected adversity and curveballs finished in a very tightly contested 5th overall.

Below are medal winners from the two meets. No full results, but our athlete’s marks can be found at athletic.net (J&J Splits) (Balawajder Splits)



4x200m Relay – 2nd Place
Renee Faulkner, Elijah Beall, Noriah Kidd, Antonio Hinton

4x800m Relay – 1st Place
Iman Hathaway, Isaac Darragh, Maggie Schmidt, David Evans

4x100m Relay – 2nd Place
Janee Faulkner, Elijah Beall, Ella Eliason, Grayson Girard

Mid-Distance Relays – 1st
Iman Hathaway, Isaac Darragh, Carter Veilleux, David Evans

4x400m Relay – 2nd Place
KeShon Williams, Jonathan Faulkner, Lindsey Garrett, David Evans



Pole Vault Relay – 5th Place

Lauren Foyteck, Sam Barber, Logan Clark, Max Mellor

4x3200m Relay – 5th Place

Justin Michele, Chrysanthe Patselas, Daniel Evans, Camille Kukor

4x1600m Relay – 6th Place

Justin Michele, Meredith Peck, Sabir Meah, Lydia Gilbert

Sprint Medley Relay – 5th Place

Zsofia Hull, Wesley Brightmon, Emily Judkins, Garrett Peck

4x800m Relay – 1st Place

Jesse Edelstein, Lilly Peck, Anthony Giannobile, Chloe Foster

Shuttle Hurdle Relay – 4th Place

Logan Clark, Madeline Nicholas, Alec Pinson, Lauren Foyteck

Throwers 4x200m Relay – 2nd Place

Myles Miller, Kahshi Kidd, Wesley Brightmon, Marina Salazaar

Distance Medley Relay – 3rd Place

Chrysanthe Patselas, Savante Daniel, Camille Kukor, Anthony Giannobile

4x400m Relay – 2nd Place

Madeline Nicholas, Jesse Edelstein, Chloe Foster, Savante Daniel