Results & Recap – Saline Dual

Tough loss to a great Saline squad last night, but can’t let that take away from the great commraderie, spirit and efforts by so many boys!

4×8 – Close loss with a time of 8:16.31w/Jesse Edelstein going sub-2:00 (!!!) 2016 squad didn’t touch that time until SEC Championship last year.

110h – Logan Clark placed 3rd in a very tightly contested race. Dude 3-stepped the whole way for the first time!

100m – Myles Miller wins his first ever Outdoor Track race!!

4×2 – Narrow loss (2-seconds), but holy Alec Pinson! 2016 squad topped out at 1:34.00, 2017 starts with 1:34.83

1600 – Liam Smith with a PR (4:48) and playing big brother to freshman Daniel Evans (4:50)

4×1 – very clean hand offs with 3 first-year track runners!

400 – Kitson finds a way on the final stretch to get top 3 and score

300h – Pinson, Clark & Faulkner show great consistency, but narrowly miss scoring.

800 – Hot race with Jesse Edelstein leads the way (2nd, 2:01.38, 0:56.4 through 400m), but big PR from Garrett Peck -2:04- might steals the show.

200 – Kitson recreates 400m magic and gets us on the board twice!

3200 – Justin Michele (10:06) and Sabir Meah (10:18) roll comfortably together and Keegan Oldani (10:36) holds off 4th for the points sweep.

4×4 – Late meet substitution was no issue, as it created a tightly contested race the whole way. Tough loss, but a outstanding race by Savante, Jesse, Garrett & Alec with a great finish time of 3:33.26 – which is the fastest Skyline 4×4 since 2013!!!

Shot/Disc – Hunter picks up another W in the SP and takes 2nd in Discus.

Long Jump – Erik (19′ 8″) and Myles (18′ 4″) go 1-2!

High Jump – Young fellas NH’d but got lots of positive experience.

PV – Logan clear 10′ and had some good looks at 10′ 6″ (his PR is 11′) and Grayson getting back in the swing of things.

Full Results can be found via this link