Race Notes – End of Summer Classic

The 2016 XC kicked off with a statement on a hot evening on Friday, August 22nd at the End of Summer Classic. With a 1-3-4-8-9 finish, the first-year runners raced to a dominant team victory with 25 points over the likes of Saline, Clarkston, huron and Detroit Country Day.

Leading the way (first 5 Skyline finishers/scorers) were, David Evans (1st, 8:42), David Garrido-Witkowski (3rd, 8:59), Thomas Young (4th, 8:42), Justin Forester (8th, 9:29) and Thomas Boss (9th, 9:38).  Both Davids and Thomas jumped out to the front at the gun and pressed the pace early on, David Evans had a 50m lead by the mile marker coming through in 5:21 with David G-W leading a small pack of four through in between 5:32-36. Once entered the disc golf course/meadows, D.Evans put the burners on and extended his lead to a sizable margin, cruising to a 17-second victory in his first high school race!  David G-W and Thomas “Teddy Grahams” Young duked it out to the finish with the other two competitors from earlier and broke up the pack and giving Skyline 3 guys in the top-4!  First-year runner and senior, Justin Forester did a wonderful job holding off the big pack of Saline runners that was looming behind him, and Thomas Boss who was buried behind that pack at the mile marker found a way to storm past them all in the final 1/2-mile to finish 8th and 9th! Also having an outstanding first xc races and creating some noise were Sam Slone (16th, 9:53) and Luke Wertenberger (22nd, 9:57), both were able to dip under the 10:00-mark!  Up next for Skyline was Freshman, Luke Warhurst (32nd, 10:39) who did a great job working his way up from back back 1/3 of the field early on.  Keeping a close eye and maintaining distance on Luke throughout the second-half of the race was Nathan Zonnevylle (34th, 11:06). Shawn Meah (41st, 11:27), Mosiah Selassie (45th, 11:51), Ira Bennett (48th, 12:10) and Jahi Hawkins (52nd, 12:22) started well together early on in the race and although they showed some signs of struggles at different points in the race, all did a great job rebounding to finish well.

Although the shortened race doesn’t paint us a full picture of the potential of our young guys, what we did see was a great sense of competitiveness from the entire group as they shared a sense of excitement before and after the race.

Next Meet: Scrimmage v. Wyandotte, Woodhaven and Southgate Anderson at Young Patriots Park, Wyandotte, Michigan on Tuesday August 30th.  This scrimmage is also a multi-team function so we will be in responsible for bringing some hotdogs to help feed everyone.

Full Results can be found here