Early Bird Open Meet Write Up & Results

Wake up. It’s Race Day.

If you are a running enthusiast of any kind, this was the first thing on your mind Thursday morning.  Throughout the summer our boys spent countless hours running mile after mile under the hot sun, complimented by form drill after form drill, and finally comes the day they get to start receiving the dividends of their hard work.  The season is 3 weeks in, but the competition season begins now.    Wake up. It’s Race Day.

The Early Bird Open provided us with an opportunity for our boys to be able to focus on their tasks within smaller groups while getting an opportunity to get an early preview of their Regional Course, as well as some of the Regional competition. The race was initially broken into 2 races; the 5k race then the 3200m race.  However, once the entries came in, the 5k race was broken up into 2 race (the Blue Race and the Gold Race) due to having over 1100 athletes registered between 2 genders!  The Blue Race, which was designated for the more experienced runners took place first at 4:30pm. Leading the way in the new year for the Eagles was Conor Donnelly (10th, 17:09) who was off to a strong start though the first-half of the race, but the heat and humidity slowly started to wear on him as he slipped a few places, but nonetheless, did a magnificent job leading the way for our team!  Coming in second for the Eagles was Sam Jyawook (14th, 17:14 *PR*) who worked up through the chase packs patiently and chipped away to a new Personal-Record and had many of the other coaches asking “Whose your #2 runner??”.  A good secret is already ruined, but it’s safe to say none of us Skyline fans are mad about it. Also running a strong race was Zach Reynolds (21st, 17:28) who had one of the more even-paced races on the team and hawked down a chase pack that consisted of a slew of Pionner, Saline and Dexter runners – Nice work!!!   Finishing 4th for Skyline with a new PR and just missing the sub-18:00 barrier was Justin Michele (46th, 18:01 *PR*), keep an eye on this guy because he’s looking to make some noise after a great summer of running!  Finishing 5th for the team was sophomore Garrett Peck (75th, 18:37) who ran the most even split race of the day! His mile splits were 5:58-6:05-6:08!!! A patient and even-keeled race plus a deadly kick makes for great upside from this young man.  One of the biggest surprises of the evening came from Seamus McWilliams (84th, 18:49 *PR*)  who not only had a major breakthrough, but skipped the 19:00’s all together going from a PR of 20:07 to 18:49!!!  Jacob Thomas (89th, 18:57) didn’t have the race that he was hoping for, but did a nice job of not letting his race blow up and helping guys like Seamus and Liam Smith (91st, 19:01 *PR*) to gain huge PR’s. Finishing out the Blue Race for the Eagles was Sabir Islam (140th, 19:36) who like Jacob, didn’t have the race he was hoping for, but looks to redeem this performance next week at Jamboree #1.

As the boys who were to compete in the Gold Race were warming up, a series of thunder and lighting appeared in the area resulting in a prompt conclusion to the meet.  Although not an ideal way to begin the season, the boys recollected themselves and made up for it the following morning in a workout.

Performance of the Meet – Seamus McWilliams | 1:18-PR | 7 Varsity Points | Coolest Name on the Team Nominee

Meet Stats/Splits

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